Simple Valentine card craft for school age as well as toddlers

Valentine Card Carft

This is a very simple card that can easily made in numbers if you give out Valentine cards at school.

You need:

2014-02-10 14.31.12

Card stock in pink and red

3D tape


Glue stick

Patterned pink paper



2014-02-10 14.37.55


1-Fold the pink card stock to shape like a post card

2- Use the red card stock to cut out hearts just big enough to cover the middle of your pink card




3- Tape a few 3D tapes at the back of the heart



2014-02-10 14.32.48

4- Tape the hear in the middle of the pink post card

2014-02-10 14.39.31

5- I like to cover my fold line on the heart with small cutout hearts. You can do the same or leave it as is.

6- A nice message of Happy Valentine or Be my Valentine will be a nice touch in card.


Happy Valentines day




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A Greener Kitchen! Fast and easy tips

It is earth month and I thought it is a good time to have an overview of things we can do in our kitchen to lead a greener life.

  1. When the oven, make that baby work! How? Using oven takes a lot of energy, it is a good thing to cook a few things at the same time when the oven is on. Unless it’s a cake and you should keep the oven door closed, you can roast your¬†vegetables, while the meat is roasting. Or better make ahead a lot of meals at one time, takes less energy and saves a lot of time on week nights ūüôā
  2. White Vinegar and Baking Soda are the best natural cleaners. No need to spend on commercial cleaners that in plastic bottles.
  3. Use glass containers with lid to store food, instead of warping plastic wraps on the food plate.
  4. If you need to use a cover or wrap use the reusable ones like Abeego
  5. Pack lunch in reusable bags or containers instead of using plastic bags
  6. Plastic cutlery and paper plates are just additional garbage, washing dishes are a bit¬†hassle¬†but they say it is¬†therapeutic¬†too!!!! ūüôā
  7. Don’t waste food, freeze left overs and create a left over night when you can reheat and few one portion meals to enjoy. Save money and time at the same time!
  8. Compost if you can, if not there are organizations that take food waste for compost. Need a little bit of research to find about your area’s special deals and programs on compost. Most of the times there is¬†subsidized programs by government.
  9. If using the dishwasher, make sure that is¬†completely¬†full. And don’t use¬†excessive dishwasher¬†detergent, it will just leave¬†residue!
  10. Keep your fridge full, amazingly it takes more energy to keep a half empty fridge cold !

These are the 10 items of many that happens in the Busy Mom’s kitchen, please share your kitchen tips to live a greener life.

Until later,


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Parenting in a digital world!!!

Now, now. Digital life is bringing a new and unknown territory for parents. How are we going to keep our children safe with all these unknown and new aspects of digital life, our parents didn’t tell us about password privacy and love!!!

I think parenting in our time is the most difficult job ever. Every thing is changing quite fast without us being able to figure out or predict the dangers or effects of the new¬†innovations on our children. They used to say parenting is a full time job, I think nowadays it is two full time jobs if not more. We should read and learn and ask and at the end it’s all a guess work.

I just read this on Huffingtonpost¬†talking about teens sharing their passwords as a sign of love!¬†I’m not worried about my children sharing their passwords, they are only 7 and 5 now. ¬†But now I’m thinking twice when I tell them they have to share their best toys with their friends. What is the balance, we don’t share everything in our adult lives, why our children should share everything.

Maybe we should start from a young age and teach them, “even if you love someone, you don’t share everything with him” I really don’t know the right way to deal with this at a young age, need to get an expert opinion. What I know though, is that if we want our children to be safe in their teenage year we only have until then to give them a strong¬†self esteem¬†and strong sense of right and wrong. When they hit teenage years, they probably shot down and won’t listen to us ¬†ūüôĀ

I like to know what would you do to prepare your child for their digital life in teenage years.

Until later,





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Is this an adopted New Year’s Resolution?

I was standing in the lineup for the cashier and as usual was checking out the magazines. 8 out of 10 magazine had something in the cover about losing weight and having this or that body, or better, a flat tummy in so many days.

It hit me, this is the New Year resolution of many. So is it their resolution or is this something they think they want to do because it’s everywhere!!!

I don’t¬†understand!¬†What is the big deal of losing weight? Wouldn’t it be easier to lose weight if there were not so much pressure on? Isn’t losing weight about getting healthier and happier? So why so many people go on different diets and shakes and some unnatural meals and in the process poison their body to lose weight and get healthy?!!! Or make themselves and others miserable while trying so hard to lose weight and get happy!!!

And finally why most New Year resolutions don’t last more than two weeks?

For this one I think I have the answer! It’s just because the resolution itself is unrealistic. The resolution that fails, is just a wanna be dream not some thoughtful decision based on the person’s life style.

That is why I never have New Year resolution, just half a Year¬†improvements. Every six months, I pick one or two things that I’m already doing and think it needs¬†improvement¬†and focus on that until it is a new habit. There is no timeline, and I didn’t pick¬†something¬†I wasn’t doing before, so it’s constant minor changes to my life. Guess what I never fail, the goal is¬†achievable. And achievements¬†are what happiness feed on.

Talking about losing weight, I did that after my second child. It wasn’t a resolution or something, I just decided to have a healthier and happier body and I did it without killing myself. You can read about it here.

Happy New Year! Have Happy Healthy Year.

Until later,






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Start school year with boosting your kids immune system

Last  year we had a difficult school year. We were sick, all of us!, for almost 2 months and the kids missed a lot of classes. So this year I have started boosting our immune system right now so when the flu season hits we are all ready for the battle!

What I’m using is a whole food drink called FrequenSeA a blend of Aloe Vera, Cranberry, White Grape, Nutmeg, Ginger, Orange, Sweet Lime, … plus the wonderful Alpha 3 Concentrated Marine Phyloplankton.

It has a unique refreshing taste and my kids love it. Even my son who is very sensitive  smell and taste has no problem taking it in the morning. We take only 1 oz shot every morning, and already I feel I have more energy and I can accomplish more in the same amount of time than before.

What are you doing to prepare for flu season. We are having nice weather but it will come to an end soon!

Be Healthy and Happy

Until later,


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