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Gardening with toddlers

Today we had the best day of the year so far. It was sunny and warm a good day for gardening.

My daughter is too young for gardening but she enjoyed playing in the garden, running around. My son loved gardening, I showed him the strawberries and how he should be careful not walking on them. He now knows the weeds that he can pick. He has these little garden tools and he was busy digging and planting all day long.

It was a very fulfilling day, I learned to be more patinet and I learned to let go of some mistakes. Of course we had some mistakes he stepped on several strawberries, and picked a few herbs instead of weed, but the important thing is that we spent time together and he learned he can be a part of family projects and help out.

He was so tired and happy, that after his bath, he barely got to the end of dinner and felt asleep.

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