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Mother’s day gift ideas for diabetic mothers.

Buying gifts for me is always very difficult. Buying anything is hard for me, I have to be in the shopping mood, and what I want to buy should catch my eyes. Mother's day gift is harder, because I want it to be personal, special, and show the extend of my love to my mom and mother inlaw. Yes, I pick her gift too, it took me two years to convince my husband that we should buy something more personal than flowers. My mother inlaw is diabetic so brunch or chocolate is out of the question.

If I have the time and be in the crafty mood, I make their gifts. The first year that my son was born (my first mother's day) I made my mom a scrapbook of my son's birth and his first few months pictures. I also made my mother inlaw a picture frame of my son.

This year both my mom and my grand mother are in town for mother's day, for my grandmother I'm going to make a scrapbook of her trip. I'm still working on my mom and mother inlaws gifts, very

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