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BPA in canned food

Another horrible news about BPA!! It looks like where ever you go it follows you. I knew it wouldn't stop in toperwears and baby bottles, But canned foods? I don't use canned food that often but I'm thinking of those who does, or some that they only thing they can afford is canned food.

Leaving the health issues apart, now they will start charging more for BPA free products on top of the already high prices we have to put up with due to high gas prices. How can we be sure if what they claim is BPA free is really safe. After all of these recent news about plastics and BPA I can't trust any plastics used in my kitchen even though I'm still using them.

I'm kind of a person that normally doesn't change her life style easily, but I'm changing slowly. I've already done away with of all baby bottles and the cipy cups and have bought a few BPA free ones. I don't have any of the recycle number 7 Tupperware, but I still don't use the others as much as I used to. Most definitely, I don't put liquid or warm food in them, I don't heat them in any way and do my best not to even freeze them. I still keep them around just so that I can gradually replace them with Pyrex, or stainless still containers. Right now, I have a few Pyrex containers with lids which I use for storing food in fridge or freezer. I don't know if the freezer bags are safe either. They say BPA is in hard plastics only; I hope we won't get a news in future saying plastic wraps and freezer bags are not safe either.

As for the canned food, I normally don't use them except for tomato paste and beans. Beans, I will make myself each time. For tomato paste, I'm going to first try and find the ones in the glass jar and then if I could get those, I'm going to make my own tomato paste. I remember my mom and grandmother making their own tomato paste once a year.

With the kids and all the house work and home business, it is very difficult to make everything from scratch, but I'm sure to give it a try. I'm slowly walking towards a BPA free lifestyle but I think until they pass a law that no restaurant or food provider is allowed to use BPA products, I won't be 100% BPA free.

In my research on BPA and kids I found a very useful blog which I think many will like it:

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