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5 thoughts on “Live green and save money!!

  1. Donovan

    all good ideas but still far too common things in my family and i have been doing all these since i was raised..always keep unsused lights off. plastic bags as garbage bags only seems like common sense to mom bought some no name brand garbage bags for $2 or something around there as opposed to glad for was like $6.70 (approx) for 1/3 the amount of garbage bags..and for christ sake..its just a bloody garbage long as it holds garbage..theres a way to save, (oh btw..i hate the glad man...greedy sob)

    i live in ontario canada and today its...33 degrees celsius , doing things in your own house such as investing in a good set(s) of blinds for your entire house and not cranking the AC everyday is another good one. keep plants in the house for moisture aswell. invest in toilets that use less water, and i dont know how many people dont do this - RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE!!! stop throwing EVERYthing in the garbage.

    maybe start growing fruits (if you live in an area where your able too)
    because if u think about it.... (and i dont know all the details) but basically..
    how much money would you save if you were/are able to grow your own apples/tomatoes/pears/peaches etc etc...(we do that here)

    buy warm clothes instead of cranking the heat in winter (use blankets...its what they are made for...for the mass amounts of ppl relying on their ac when its cold or hot...

  2. Anna

    Thank you for your input. In my opinion living green starts from common things. Reusing plastic shopping bags may look very common to us because we did it since childhood but I know people that pay for those Glad garbage bags and deposit their plastic shopping bags in them:)

    Very very good points in saving heating energy my plan is to have a series of posts regarding saving energy and using environmentally friendly products.

  3. Whitney

    OMG Donovan! I live in Southern California, and I don't know WHAT I would do if I had to live in that weather. Kuddos to you for that one. Since you're pretty familiar with living green, you should really think about investing in bioheat. Have you ever heard of it? It's very popular in the green community so I'd be surprised if you haven't. It's AWESOME! It's biodegradable and non-toxic, so you can forget about breathing in all of those nasty fumes and what not. The best part about it is that it's made up of heating oils blended with every-day products like avocado and corn. Cool right?

    I heard about it through my job here at NORA. I did a bit more research and found some more great tips and interesting info from:

    Check it out and see what other interesting info is out there that you might be able to use.

  4. Christy

    Going with the green living theme. This may seem minute, but from a busy mom who struggled with some of the everyday conveniences, I have fallen in love and kissed by baggies good-bye with food kozy made by Kids Konserve. I wrap the kids sandwiches in it, wrap cheese in the refrig. Also, I am the home room parent at my kids school and instead of buying paper products for each party, I invested in the Kids Konserve Party Pak; comes with all the "paper products" but they are reusable and dish washer safe. The company also does fundraisers at school to encourage waste-free lunches. Check out their website for more info:

  5. Anna

    Thank you Christy,

    I checked the website and it's wonderful that all of the products are BPA free.
    This is a good way to both be green and save money.

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