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Dealing with my almost 2 year old’s tantrum

They call it terrible two, but with my two kids it started at 18 months old. Right now my daughter is 21months old and she already started her tantrums.

Today we were at Costco shopping. I was looking at the book section and gave both kids a book to be busy until I

5 thoughts on “Dealing with my almost 2 year old’s tantrum

  1. balaams_ass

    I cured my daughter in one day. She started the antics just as we got to the checkout line at the grocery. Fell down and started crying etc... and I joined in. Yup right down on the floor. Probably looked really silly but she never pulled the stunt again. YMMV

  2. Anna

    Good idea I might get the courage to do that next time. Actually it was a few days ago that my daughter was crying and rolling on the floor in the mall. I didn't give in or made her to get up just sat there and told her once that she has to stop this and ignored her after that. My son came to the rescue and invited her to play so she forgot the whole thing quickly and stood up to play.

  3. Anna

    Thank you for your comment. Wonderful tips. I had wonderful results with logical approach with my son but not my daughter for her, she just has to have her time to cool it off.

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