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Marshmallow snowman goodies for toddlers


I had a Christmas cocktail party a week ago. There were 14 adults and 12 kids including our family. I have to say, I was quite nervous after inviting everyone. We live in one floor and there is no big room for kids to run around.

At the end, I decided to make the party about kids. I had a table of kid friendly food and juice. And I made these cute marshmallow snowmans for each kid to take home. They were so cute I actually used them as my decoration too.To make the marshmallow snowman, you need jumbo and mini marshmallows, Oreo cookies, cream cheese icing, pretzel sticks, writing icing to mark the eyes and mouth.Use the Oreo cookie for base, then stack three marshmallows on the Oreo cookie. Use icing for glue. You can stick two pretzel stick as hands. And mini marshmallows for mittens. I got the recipe from the

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