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Valentines day and preschoolers


I didn't go to school here and in many situations I don't know the customs. This is my son's first year of pre-school and I ask teachers and other moms too many questions.
This time I thought I ask you. I don't know anything about preschoolers and Valentine. I see all these advertisements and kid's programs that kids give each other cards. Do preschoolers exchange cards or gifts for Valentine in real life? And if they do, can it be to their best friend regardless of gender?

Silly questions ha? But I like to hear your ideas.

Until later,

2 thoughts on “Valentines day and preschoolers

  1. david

    On the valentine issue, I have found that all the kids in school, whether it be daycare, preschool, or elementary, customarily give valentines to all of the kids in their class. This is not to say that your child must give to all of the kids if he does not want to. The only thing is, that eventually, kids will also start inviting friends to birthday parties also, and if your child does not participate in the other "rituals", they may be left out. Stores sell the cheap packs of 8, 10, 12 or more little valentines that are really meant for this. just sign your child's name to the number of cards to match the number of kids in his class and, on valentines day, they usually have a party and get to pass them out to all of their friends (boys and girls).
    If you are able, you should volunteer to help at the party. It would be a great way to have your child "introduce" you to all of his classmates and you will meet some of their parents and, maybe even a new friend or two. Plus, even though you hate to think about it, it may put you and your child in good grace with his teacher.

  2. Anna

    Thank you for your input. We have a great relation with the teacher and I know some of the parents. It would be nice to meet other parents.

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