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Am I positive or ignorant of our economy?

I'm a very positive person. Even in the worst situations I feel like nothing can hurt me and I'm magically protected. Right now with all kinds of bad news we have about world's economy, I'm second guessing myself.

Is it possible that I'm just ignoring the situation? I lived all my teen years in a deadly war between Iran and Iraq. All I could hear was news of war, and the number of dead. We had friends in the war zone and at the end my home town was a big war zone. I can still remember the voices and the fear of the night we've been bombed all night long.The war ended almost twenty years ago, but I still can see the affect of those days in me.

Because of all the depressing news I received those days I have a way of ignoring media. If I could, I would refuse watching any kind of news. But this is almost impossible, so I try to ignore any kind of world news that makes me uncomfortable. Until now it was only war news I would stay away from. I'm not sure if I'm doing the same with the economy too. I hope I'm right and we are all protected by a magic power.

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I'm 36 years old, proud mother of two toddlers. Son born in 2005 and daughter born 22 months later in 2007. I'm a Homemaker/Travel agent. Like cooking, sewing, painting and love kids.

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