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2 thoughts on “Outrageous incident in Vancouver children

  1. Heather

    Warning to all new moms -- stay away from WestCoast Kids in Richmond. Their stuff may be appealing, but the customer service is atrocious. After waiting 12 weeks for a glider chair (estimated time 6-8 weeks), apparently they ordered the wrong one. They take no ownership for their mistakes, provide no compensation or discount and are completely incompetent. I'm due in a few days and can't tell you the agony it has been dealing with them during what is supposed to be a resting period in my pregnancy. There have been a whole host of other issues including being told some items were in and ready to be picked up to find that after waiting 1 hour at the store for them to get it together that they didn't have items in at all. Then they didn't even apologize for our inconvenience. I don't have the energy to list the other atrocities. I beg you, for your own sanity - don't do it. TJ's or Baby's World are WAY better to deal with. Good luck!

  2. Anna

    I'm so sorry to hear you are dealing with these unnecessary problems at the last weeks of your pregnancy. I know it is nice to have all the things you need when the baby is born, but make sure not to stress out yourself. It is more important to stay calm in these last few weeks. It is amazing that although the business world is about customer service now a days, still we have companies that don't care for their customers.

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