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Monday Madness

I still can't believe how different sibling could be. Both of my children like to play by themselves, my daughter sometimes asks me to play with her but most of the time she is playing on her own.

When she is by herself in her room playing you won't know which toys she played with even if she was there for hours. She is only 2.4 years but she is very organized, she takes a toy plays with it and put them back in place at once. Most of the time you see her in the middle of her room with only a doll or something and you think she is not playing but she is very busy playing. Sometime I feel like I have to learn from her.

On the other hand, my son loves to play by himself or with his sister but all he does is to empty toy boxes, make a mess, and then play an imaginary game. If you leave him, alone he will take of the sheets and bedding and the mattress of his bed throw them on the floor, turn the bed into a ship, and play pirate ship.

Although we had a busy day of pre-school and then play ground and I though well he had spend good energy outside, this is what I saw after just leaving them at the room playing together for 15 minutes to finish my article of Funny Fuzzy Pencils.monday_madness1

I should have expected this; they were playing in such joy and harmony. He was a good sport and said will pick up the toys himself. Well he tried to get away with it in many ways afterwards but here he is cleaning up at the end before dinner.monday_madness_2

Yes, I picked up most of the toys but he helped a little and that counts. It was more important for me that they were able to play nice together and I was able to post my article during day and do some research, which is a bounces. This is our end result.end_result1

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2 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. Stacey

    Georgie and your son have a lot in common. Georgie turns the toy box over and throws the contents from one end of the house to the other then doesn't want to pick them up. We boxed up 95% the toys two nights ago and put them in the garage. The kids don't even miss them.

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