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Watching clouds with my toddler


Since my daughter was born I had rarely had alone time with my son. He is 4 years old now and whatever we do he thinks of his sister first, to include her as well. I know he needs time with me he just doesn't know it and he resists of doing anything without his sister. I even tried to put my daughter in a recreation center day care for few hours a week so I could spend time with him but he insisted to go to the program with her.

Even when she takes her naps, he can't stay away and checks on her a few times, until he wakes her up. I can't say that they have the perfect relationship, they fight a lot but at the same time they love each other and I think I mentioned before that they get along best when they are making trouble.

Well today for the first time my son, was excited that his sister is sleep and he can have chocolate without her. He came to me with the biggest eyes and smile saying, "now that she is sleep can I have a big chocolate?"

So I decided to forget about what I have to do around the house and on my computer and spend the whole time with him. It was great; we watched piano performances and concerts on youtube. Then we went outside and lied on the deck, watched clouds and made up shapes. He told me his imaginary stories. We were using an umbrella for shade and he learned a bit about shades and sun. Then we played a little soccer, he scored a few goals and was very excited about that. At the end, before my daughter woke up he even helped me a little with cleaning up the house.

It was a great time for both of us. I also needed to bond with him.

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