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Our bedtime routine update

It's funny how time passes and kids grow and although you are there every minute of it, your forget how it was a year ago. I was looking at my last year's posts and noticed that our bedtime routine needs a good update. You can check last year's post here.

Today my son is four years and three months and daughter two and a half year old. They both go to bed around 8 well, because it's summer and still quite bright at 8,

2 thoughts on “Our bedtime routine update

  1. Cassie

    I could not live without our bedtime routine. It makes the rest of life so much easier to manage. Even when we're away from home, the kids go to bed at the same time every night. We just put up tinfoil on the window in their room so the summer sun wouldn't keep them up. Looks a little bit trashy, but oh well.

  2. Anna

    I have a thick dark curtain under my daughter's curtain as she used to wake up at the sun rise. But my son's room has regular curtain which passes some fair amount of light. I will try tinfoil on his window it should work.

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