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How was your weekend? Mine was supper busy

The whole weekend I meant to write. I was sweet thinking, maybe I write two or three articles, and didn't write even single article until now.

It was supposed to be a very organized and smooth weekend, until Iran's election results revealed. I had called a babysitter for the kids for two hours so I could help my husband clearing and reorganizing and sanitizing our garage.

You see the city had some work done in a creek new our neighborhood and many houses are dealing with rats. This is going to be a whole other story.

Well, I woke up by mom calling from Iran to tell me they are fine. Poor thing she thinks I really pay attention to news, but with her calling, I got suspicious, turned the computer on...and that was the end of my organized weekend.

By noon I had a huge article about the news in Iran, then I decided I don't want my blog to be political, and didn't post it. That was waste of time: D

The rest of the weekend, I was torn between my computer, CNN channel, talking over the phone with my family, and taking care of kids and house. I'm and I was so upset and disappointed that couldn't bring myself to do anything except reading and watching news on Iran. It is sad to see your nation and people in this situation I hope the best for people living in Iran.

That was my weekend and I'm too tired that I think I dozed off here for a few minutes, better get to bed.

How was your weekend?

1 thought on “How was your weekend? Mine was supper busy

  1. Tammi

    Hi Anna,
    You left a comment on my post for "Snack and Play Travel Tray"...I am going to ask the company for you, and I'd like to give them your email address, so they can give you more information....but I can't find it! LOL.
    Email me (it's on my homepage) and I will look into this more,
    Tammi @ My Organized chaos

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