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Thank goodness for summer day camp


Our first week of summer day camp is over. This week's them was Princesses and Superheros. This was a big deal for me because my son is very picky in terms of classes and he has never been to a summer camp before. The camp was for all week from 9:30 am to noon, which was more than the time he spent in preschool in one week.

It was a good practice for all of us to start a new trend in September. I also had my daughter in the rec centers kids club three days a week. This program is only two hours from 9:15 and is a wonderful program to prepare the child for preschool. I had my son in the same program last summer just before he started preschool.

On Monday, I had them both at their programs "at the same time"!!!. My God I had a whole one and a half hour to spend on myself 🙂

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