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Toddler craft


This is a very fun and entertaining craft for toddlers. My kids love to use glue, so in most of our crafts we use some glue to keep them interested.

Before we start, I cut out colourful card stocks in to flower and leaf shapes.

I use a paper plate for glue for them to share. Each gets a wood stick to apply the glue with and then there are sticks, and the shapes I already cut.

To make it easy on them I make one of each flower and leave them with the material to go crazy. It is funny how they pick different leaves and different flower and come up with a totally new thing (sometimes flower J).

This is quick, easy and clean (well except the glue part. I use washable glue J ) and my kids have lots of fun creating different flowers by picking different shape or glue it to some different spot.

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