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Vegetable side dish recipes


Potato and Carrots

You need baby potato and cut up carrots (for this dish it is better to cut them in one inch disks)

Boil the potato, peel and let it to cool. Mean while make a bowl of ice water, boil the carrot until slightly tender, transfer the carrots from the boiling water to the ice water to get the best color.

Fry the potato and carrots separately, in lightly oiled pan, until golden brown. Mix the two vegetables, garnish with chopped parsley. As you can see, I decorated my turkey with this side. If you make this make sure to make plenty, mine was gone in minutes.

Pumpkin roast

Just slice the emptied pumpkin, add some salt and olive oil. Coat all pumpkin slices with oil and salt, place them on a foiled cookie sheet one by one, you don

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  1. Melinda

    That roasted pumpkin is beautiful! Will definitely put this on the 'to-make' list for next year! Thanks for sharing.

    Also thought you might be interested in a service I provide where I make customized dinner plans for individuals that include grocery lists and recipes, and take into account your time, budget, nutritional needs, and taste!


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