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Our Perfect Christmas tree

For the past three months, I was quite busy, from the online course I had for Fall to the kids and their programs and classes and best of all, my mom was in town since September.

The busiest was the past three weeks that my father was in town and my aunt and her family joined us from LA for 10days. It was a nice and enjoyable family gathering, especially for my children who don

2 thoughts on “Our Perfect Christmas tree

  1. peymaneh

    what a wonderful story ... I'm so glad to feel happiness and joy from this note . being with family is always great and right now I miss your family as much as I miss mine .
    Merry Christmas my dear Anna
    I really love this Season ...

  2. Anna

    I'm happy to see you got happiness from this post because when I was writing it I was kind of down. It was the next day my parents left, but I keep telling myself I'm lucky that they can visit often. I love this season too. For our weather we need Christmas to be able to tolerate the Vancouver's fall and winter.

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