Is the information technology getting out of hand?


I know I should be writing about Christmas, but I’m dealing with major episode of writer’s block. Today I came upon completely two different News, which were interesting enough to get me writing. This is going to be long but interesting, I have a lot to say, so grab your coffee and come back!!!

First news is about a Japanese man who married his virtual girlfriend of a dating game (love plus) he plays. Yes, you read it correctly; he married an animation game character. I’m not going to details, Boing Boing has a report of the wedding. He was serious enough to have 40 plus guests, priest, MC, DJ, and he even invited the virtual bride’s friend (who is also virtual) and apparently, this friend gave a speech too. Check out the video!!

The other news is about Shellie Ross who was tweeting about something shortly before her son drowned and within half an hour after she called 911, and about few hours later informing her followers of her loss. Now people don’t let her grieve her son, just because she tweeted.

Both news brought up many controversial discussions. It is somewhat scary to see people get out of their way and real life to be online or play games.  Is this going to be the future??

I still think the Japanese guy did this for publicity, but what if he didn’t. What if he is really in love with his virtual girlfriend? How does that affect other men who are playing the same game? Or the community for that matter?

I’ve never been into computer games, hubby loves it though. He dreams of a day to play online game with me!! I don’t see that in the horizon 🙂 He got me to play one game to get me interested while ago. I think it called Lemonade stand??!! It was a silly game but very addictive, you would want to play again and again to get better and have better I don’t know store?!! I remember once I dreamt of how to make more money in it. (Well that doesn’t really count as I dream of any book I read or any movie I watch right before I go to bed!!)

On the other hand, this poor mom (blog4mom). The only thing she did was to ask her friends to pray for her son, and then inform them of his passing. Why don’t media and people leave her alone? May be tweeting after her son passed away was not proper but who are we to judge, we don’t know her, we don’t know what kind of a mom she was. It is easy to put a blame on someone; but is that right? There were many unpleasant and hurtful comments about her; what I don’t understand is that; people! Don’t you have lives of your own? Don’t you have to watch over your kid or something for God’s sake? Leave the poor family alone let them grieve their son. As she said in her blog, go get a hobby or a job. Guilty or not that is between she and her conscious, you are not the judge here. I know it may be unusual but I’ve seen a blog created just to give updates on someone in a coma in the hospital. The family were overwhelmed by the telephone calls and inquires on his health that they decided to create a blog just to give updates to family, friends, and colleagues. What she did is not that different, she just had the twitter account didn’t have to make one.

My point

I think the online technology is getting out of hand. People are suffering from it in a way or another with their knowledge or without knowing it. With games so real, that one can have such a strong feeling for a character to being so obsessed of updating status on twitter or face book several times a day. I’ve read many weird and unnecessary information of people on face book. One put his wife’s dilation in labour on his face book status. Do I really want to know if his wife is 3-centimetre dilated or 5? Just update your status after the baby is born!!!

It looks like people don’t like to have private lives anymore, all the information, intimate information is out there. They have thousands of followers on twitter and hundreds of friends on face book. Is it possible to know all of these people enough to put your intimate information or picture there? God forbid you make a mistake in life people won’t let go, it’s like the whole world is there to blame you for it and teach you better. And you can’t blame them it was you who put the info there in the first place.

It doesn’t stop there, our children are using computer at a very young age, they even make computer games for preschoolers in the name of educational game. I’m sorry but I think education for a preschooler should take place with another human being, so they learn how to communicate with other humans, rather than learning how to use mouse and press start and exit.!!!! What will happen to them when they grow up and start playing serious games? Do we have to attend their virtual wedding?

That’s how I feel, I love this technology and I can’t live without it. At the same time I think there should be a limit, there should be a discretion of how you use it. I’m a private person, I don’t like to put my kid’s or my pictures online (I know it’s boring for some) and I don’t write about my personal life. I believe my life is mine to know and my immediate family and friends not a guy I don’t know in who knows where. And for hubby there is a time limit for computer games, otherwise he misses on the most important part of life, spending time with our kids. Thank goodness He hasn’t played for a while, I don’t like world of warcraft at all.

That’s that, I’ve said my opinion. Love to read yours, don’t be shy drop a line or two!!

Until later…

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5 Responses to Is the information technology getting out of hand?

  1. Blia says:

    These are interesting cases. I guess I am to blame too for countless hours on the net blogging…It does look like a trend.

  2. Anna says:

    I guess we are all guilty of spending too much time on the net. I think spending time on the net is fine as long as it doesn’t keep you from real life. I’m also at my computer working all my free time, means when the kids are doing a craft or having a nap or at night when they are sleep, of course after house chores:) That doesn’t give me that much time but I sleep later and wake up earlier when I can to make up for it.

  3. peymaneh says:

    these stories are scary … God save us and our kids .

  4. peymaneh says:

    I like to share this note with my friends in facebook .

  5. Mamma M says:

    heard about shelly ross. sad, cpnflicting story. poor girl.

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