Vancouver winter Olympics and my 5 year old


Vancouver winter Olympics ended today and I already feel something is missing. We were so used to watch the games and follow the scores even my children were in the Olympic mood.

What I’m happy about is the effect of Olympic games on my 5 year old son. He was always in to wearing Batman or Spider man costumes and being obsessed with them. For the past two days though, he has been wearing one of his old thermal underwear, looking almost the same as the athlete’s uniforms, running around the house and saying he is wearing his Olympics clothes. He even said that he’s interested to participate in the Olympics when he is older.

I love the positive effect the Olympics had on my son. My job here is to keep him interested in sports, and remind him of Olympics and the athletes. Having Olympics in out city was very exciting and somehow even involved my 3 years old daughter. My only concern for the Olympics was the ads of McDonald and Coca cola.  I know these two where good sponsors and the Olympics needed funding. But do our athlete really feed on big Mc and Coca cola? I thought this would send a mixed message to our children specially teenagers. At the end of the games I can see that the positive effect of Olympics are stronger than the mixed messaged of these advertisements. It is 40 minutes past midnight and people are still celebrating in the streets of down town.

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