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Our transition to a full day kindergarten

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3 thoughts on “Our transition to a full day kindergarten

  1. Hamgam

    May be you need to look around and see those moms who both work and have kids at the same time. Some moms work outside and also do a lot more then just cooking and playing with their kids and they don't whine as much! May be you need to accept that when you have kids and you need to spend less time online! It would be helpful to you if you understand that the day you decided to have kids you didn't sign up for anything easy.

  2. Anna

    Well ladies you heard it from the pro.
    Of course there are lots of moms who are doing a lot more. Everyone's life is different, some go to work out side, some work online. Everyone is trying to live her life as best as she can. Cheers to all moms out there, the busy ones or the ones who only play and cook and complain. 🙂

  3. CC

    Just the other day I found a great site that's great for kids who are active. The site is and it's a site that has tons of free kids crafts. The crafts have step-by-step written instructions, photos and video clips. There are also videos that kids can watch to help them complete their crafts. My sons had a great time with this site, they both made 3 crafts each--all from materials we already had at home such as paper plates, and foil. I encourage all the parents to check it out.

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