New beginnings

Have you ever tried different things one after another and felt like nothing is going to work? I’ve had this feeling for the past two years when it comes choosing my  next career. I’ve been a travel agent for the past 20 years but since about five years ago, I decided to get out of this dying business. Let’s just say it is very difficult to change your career after 20 years and more difficult to get out of travel business for reason that I wont get into here.

For the past two years I have tried many different possible career paths; baking business, doing personal taxes, graphic design, and so on. It looked to some that I was not taking my career and life seriously, but I’m not a person to just settle for the sake of settling. There is no shame in learning and trying new things until you find what really works for you. That is my philosophy.

It’s been quite an exciting summer and fall for me. Together with the help of my mother, we have started a line of reusable fabric bags called Gogo Bags. Our main product is sandwich and snack bags and fabric cutlery holders.

In celebration of this new chapter in my career life, I’ve decided to change the look and feel of Busy Mom’s Blog. I would like to thank all my faithful readers for their patience with me, and for their invaluable comments.

Check out my products here

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About Anahita

I'm 36 years old, proud mother of two toddlers. Son born in 2005 and daughter born 22 months later in 2007. I'm a Homemaker/Travel agent. Like cooking, sewing, painting and love kids.
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