Be My Valentine

Ok, I was going to write about Valentine craft and all different decoration and gift ideas, but hey, everybody does that.

Is Valentine all about craft or handmade cards or decoration and food? Or all of these come after the initial love and understanding of each other.

I have to express my feeling in daily bases, this was the case since I was a young teenager. I just can’t fall sleep knowing someone I love is upset of me or I’m upset of them. My day begins and ends with me telling I love you and hugging at least one person in my extended family. Well most of the time it’s more than one person and sometimes I have to keep myself from doing that as others had enough of it 🙂 Thank God, I am blessed with this. Although I can’t say it works to my benefit most of the time, as others get used to the idea and expect it anyways, even if they don’t deserve it sometimes!

Back to Valentine subject!

When my husband and I got engaged, we decided to go against the world of advertisement and don’t make Valentine bigger that it needs to be.  We decided to be each other’s Valentine as if every day is Valentine’s Day. We didn’t need one specific day to celebrate our love and show our love to each other!!!

Let me tell you something. This works when you don’t have kids and are not living a fast paste life. Now after two kids and demands of soccer and hockey classes, music and art classes, and of course the school itself (My son in only in kindergarten!) I think it is nice to have a day set to celebrate love.

Although I’m still the same person and tell my loved one (this includes, my children, husband, parents, sibling, nieces and nephews and a few others) I see the need to, as they say, stop and smell the roses.

Sometimes I feel like I need to take the day off, of this fast paste life and enjoy the moment, the moment of love, laughter, and life. Who knows how long do we have together!

This Valentine’s day, don’t worry about the gift, the decoration, the food or restaurant reservation. Just think of it as a vacation day to just be in the presence of a loved one and enjoy the warmth of the love and passion you have for each other.

Happy Valentine’s day

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I'm 36 years old, proud mother of two toddlers. Son born in 2005 and daughter born 22 months later in 2007. I'm a Homemaker/Travel agent. Like cooking, sewing, painting and love kids.
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  1. Jill Oliger says:

    Love your blog, I think its neat that moms show what they do with and for their families:)

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