Earth day craft with my kids

As far as I know my work is way more now than when these two were a year younger. I was thinking they didn’t have the patience for a complete craft then. Now they just high-jack my work and do whatever they want with it.

They work so fast and so well together to get the mess done, that first I don’t get a chance to stop them and second I like to see them working in a team.

So here is my craft idea

This was supposed to be a green jar with pink and purple flowers or dots, (I was still deciding on that 🙂 ) to hold my smaller gardening tools.

This happened when my lovely children decided to do art!!!

Have a green and happy earth day.


About Anahita

I'm 36 years old, proud mother of two toddlers. Son born in 2005 and daughter born 22 months later in 2007. I'm a Homemaker/Travel agent. Like cooking, sewing, painting and love kids.
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