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Vancouver winter Olympics ended today and I already feel something is missing. We were so used to watch the games and follow the scores even my children were in the Olympic mood.

What I


It is easy to get caught up in day to day life and forget to attend to small but important stuff. I spend all my time with my children. We are playing, reading or doing some kind of craft. (By the way, I have great ideas for toddler valentine cards, I just have to gather all the pictures and post it. Soon I hope!!) If I


This is a very cute and easy craft, my kids did this jumping up and down, couldn



Our toddler Halloween party was a success. The kids ran around and played, there were screaming, laughter, and a lot of running.

However, the party turned out to be completely different from what I posted before. I had too much to do and a very short time so I compromised and did something simpler but with same amount of fun.

Here is the simpler version:

Instead of make it yourself pizza they had Mac and cheese with hotdogs.

Instead of foam door hangers, they decorated lunch bags with Halloween theme foam stickers to make their own goody bag.

They made pumpkin faces out of paper plat (colored in orange) and cuts of black paper in the shape of eyes and mouths. They had so much fun working with glue and get to create all different kinds of faces and they got to take the crafts home. ...continue reading "Halloween party for four year olds"