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This is why. My point of inspiration. The point that I found myself again. After being quite for so long.

I was lost. Lost is parenting, lost in running my business. Lost for everything I need to be in my day to day life. This scene, the fresh air, smell of the ocean, chirps of the birds brought me back to me. I have way more in me to say to be able to fit it in my business. And I definetaly can't keep it to myself because I truely beleive that I can make a difference in the way we see the world and act or react to it.

So this is me reinventing this old blog. I was absent for so long almost 10 years realizing my business dream. That is still going on and waiting for life to get less busy to do this is a waste of time. It's time for me to keep it real with me and share my thoughts and beliefs maybe it comes handy to someone. Maybe just maybe one day my kids and grandkids read it and know me a bit more.


Now, now. Digital life is bringing a new and unknown territory for parents. How are we going to keep our children safe with all these unknown and new aspects of digital life, our parents didn't tell us about password privacy and love!!!

I think parenting in our time is the most difficult job ever. Every thing is changing quite fast without us being able to figure out or predict the dangers or effects of the new


I was standing in the lineup for the cashier and as usual was checking out the magazines. 8 out of 10 magazine had something in the cover about losing weight and having this or that body, or better, a flat tummy in so many days.

It hit me, this is the New Year resolution of many. So is it their resolution or is this something they think they want to do because it's everywhere!!!

I don't


On Sunday we were at my good friend, Kirsti's house for supper. First off I have to say every one had a great time making their own pizza. Yes even adults had fun doing that, it was like a game. Make your own pizza party is a great way to make your guests interact specially if this is the first time they meet!

I was impressed with these vegetables