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Oh finally my daughter is sleeping well.

I feed her and put her in her crib with a sippy cup of water and she just sleeps. Just like that, she sleeps and she sleeps through the night.

It took me almost a month to do this. I started with putting her in her crib and stay in her room while she was crying, then the crying got better and I stayed in the room for a shorter amount of time. For midnights, I just had to endure few nights of crying. This was the difficult part; I just wanted to go to her and feed her and comfort her. I did it, now she goes to bed

Oh, I'm so excited and happy. The fact is that my brother and his family are living abroad. I haven't seen the little cutie pie nice of mine yet, she is about 70 minutes old now that I'm writing about her.

It is an amazing feeling. I have to say I wasn't that exciting until now, I had delivered two babies so this wasn't something new. All of a sudden every thing is so different, I haven't seen her, I haven't feel her, all I know is that she is 3.46 Kg and 51cm long; but I feel like she is a part of me.

I actually cried talking to my brother; I can't wait to see her pictures and then herself soon.

I'm a proud aunt of my lovely nice.