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Now, now. Digital life is bringing a new and unknown territory for parents. How are we going to keep our children safe with all these unknown and new aspects of digital life, our parents didn't tell us about password privacy and love!!!

I think parenting in our time is the most difficult job ever. Every thing is changing quite fast without us being able to figure out or predict the dangers or effects of the new

We went to Puerto Vallarta two weeks ago, a 4/5 hour flight from Vancouver to there. Flying with two preschoolers is a challenge. The kids were having lots of fun and were very loud. It

I missed my laptop a few weeks ago. Well the computer problem is not solved yet. It was supposed to be a simple problem with power supply and replaceable, turned out to be a major irreparable problem with the laptop itself. My new laptop is on its way but I know it will be a while before I can function effectively with the new one.

It took me a while to get used to using other computers shortly just to check in on my blog or some news. I miss my blog terribly, I started this as a hobby but I was getting seriously involved when the computer problem happened. I can