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Finally I'm getting used to blogging and I think it's time to make Busy Mom's Blog more fun and personal.

It is very difficult for me to pick a theme, there are lots of options out there and at the same time not too many matches.

I will be trying different themes on a test run for a while.

I will be happy receive your feedbacks on the theme, or better if you have any suggestions for me.



I heard about this new blog from mamasontheweb . You have to check it out for yourself. I think it is a wonderful site and I hope we get more materials on this subject.

I have a two years old daughter and I hope to be able to raise her to be strong. I want her to be passionate, helpful, responsible, intelligent, at the same time carefree, and many other things I can't think of now.

The way my mom raised me had a very good effect on my. I have an outstanding self confidence, and I believe I can do whatever I put my mind in to. I hope to be able to empower my daughter as mom my empowered me.

Good job Tracee, keep up the good work.

Don't forget to check the blog and spread the word.

Until Later,


Finally moms; our prayers has been answered, some new tool to maximize our page view; simple and free!! As a new blogger, I am always on the web, searching for methods to advertise my website.

I found this website through a friend. It is very innovative. The whole idea behind it is to advertise your blog, photo-stream or webpage by advertising for each other. How smart?

How it works? Simply you register and download your advertising banner. The you get a code from the website. By the time you paste that code in your website, you start advertising for others and then your ad will appear on other websites; like returning your favour.

You can check out your stat. You can have different banner sizes to maximize your advertisement. You can even register several websites under one account. I

1054226_communication.jpgI use craigslist a lot for buying and selling stuff for my kids.

Selling stuff is very easy. Just have a great picture and be honest about the condition of the item. But I always had trouble finding the right items to buy. It takes a long time to go over all ads one by one.
Recently, I was looking for the sturdy kitchen table. This was something I didn't want to buy new as it was going to be used for craft time and eating. You know kids; they won't let you get away with a nice thing.
I kept looking and looking but the search was useless with two kids running around distracting me. Finally, I found a very user friendly website "" it shows all the craigslist for sale ads visualy and you can even narrow down your search to the specifics. The nice thing about clhack is that it shows all the pictures for all ads in a category say furniture on a single page. With a glance you can choose the item you might be interested in. I tell you, it's amazing. When you hover over a picture it zooms in so you can see better.
I found my table in a matter of minutes thanks to this incredible website. Kudos to the person who came up with the idea for this website.

Try it for yourself, I'm sure you'll love it.

Until later,