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This is a very fun and entertaining craft for toddlers. My kids love to use glue, so in most of our crafts we use some glue to keep them interested.

Before we start, I cut out colourful card stocks in to flower and leaf shapes.

I use a paper plate for glue for them to share. Each gets a wood stick to apply the glue with and then there are sticks, and the shapes I already cut.

To make it easy on them I make one of each flower and leave them with the material to go crazy. It is funny how they pick different leaves and different flower and come up with a totally new thing (sometimes flower J).

This is quick, easy and clean (well except the glue part. I use washable glue J ) and my kids have lots of fun creating different flowers by picking different shape or glue it to some different spot.

Until later,


A few days ago, we were doing painting and craft at the same time. My son loves glue and scissors and my daughter loves painting. I had them both at the craft table each doing their job. Well I had misplaced some fuzzy balls, my daughter ended up playing with them at the table, and of course, my son decided he wants to make a scary mask with them. This is the scary result of my four year old 🙂


Well in the midst of all the mess they made, with these fuzzy balls and of course, glue, I came up with an idea which kids loved it. With the help of one big ball and three small ones, we made a funny fuzzy face and glued to some pencils. It was easy for the kids to make them and they had lots of fun picking colors and arranging the eyes and noses.

I love arranging party favors and the first thing that came to my mind was that this could be wonderful party favor filler for kid's birthdays. You just have to buy a box of pencils and a bag of different sizes of these fuzzy balls and make your own funny fuzzy pencils.

Until later,


I always like to decorate my house for every season and every occasion. Specially in winter, it makes cold and foggy winters bearable!!

This year we made Heart Ribbons to decorate bedroom doors and walls.

You need:
Plain long construction paper
Paint, brush, glue, or any of your desired craft item

Step 1.
Accordion fold paper in 20cm sections (or as big you want your hearts)


Step 2:
Fold in half and find the middle. Then draw a heart with hands to the edge of the paper


Step 3:
Cut the heart be careful not to cut the folded edge of paper


Step 4:
Color; decorate. Be creative.


As my paper was long, I accordion fold the paper length wise. I got three heart ribbons which was good. This turned out to be a long and at the end a family project. My daughter got one ribbon to decorate which was torn a part heart by heart. She had lots of fun doing that. And the other two happened to be a family fun project. Daddy came home and he started painting and stamping with us. Son was so impressed that daddy too, could paint and be silly and make messes with paint.


The ribbons turned out as we expected, fun and colorful and every time we look at them we remember the good time we had together making them.

Crafts can be funny and imperfect but the time you had making them is worthless.

Be creative and have fun.

Until later,