Raw Vegetable Kabobs

On Sunday we were at my good friend, Kirsti’s house for supper. First off I have to say every one had a great time making their own pizza. Yes even adults had fun doing that, it was like a game. Make your own pizza party is a great way to make your guests interact specially if this is the first time they meet!

I was impressed with these vegetables kabobs and thought to share them here. This is a great way to get the kids have a variety of veggies on a stick while the stick is veggies itself 🙂

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Gardening in Vancouver

My Vegetable Garden

This Saturday we were blessed with sunshine after a long time of rain and bad weather. The first thing came to my mind was to go to the local garden center and buy the plants I need for my garden and plant them before the next rain starts. This is my 4th year of gardening and unlike the first two years that I was focused on the flowers. This is my second year of planting vegetables and greens for my family and I love it. Organic gardening is easy, you just have to garden regularly. That is weeding, looking for slugs and snails to pick, picking old leaves, cleaning up the plants, feeding and watering on time. Of course using a good organic food is one of the main keys to get good results. Here are a few of my plant which I’m planning to keep a record of and post it here periodically.

Just a quick report that one of the cucumbers are not feeling well. The slugs had part of the stem for dinner last night 🙁 But the rest of the plant are fine. I planted 4 Zucchini, 2 eggplant, 4 cherry tomato, 1 rosemary (I had a huge bush which died in the snow storm couple of years ago), 1 swiss chard and 1 Radicchio which I think it’s not enough.

It’s been a busy but fun weekend. I love gardening it’s therapeutic for me.

Until later,

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Earth day craft with my kids

As far as I know my work is way more now than when these two were a year younger. I was thinking they didn’t have the patience for a complete craft then. Now they just high-jack my work and do whatever they want with it.

They work so fast and so well together to get the mess done, that first I don’t get a chance to stop them and second I like to see them working in a team.

So here is my craft idea

This was supposed to be a green jar with pink and purple flowers or dots, (I was still deciding on that 🙂 ) to hold my smaller gardening tools.

This happened when my lovely children decided to do art!!!

Have a green and happy earth day.


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Happy Spring, Nowruz Mobarak!

It’s been a while! What can I say life happens and moves you with it. I had plans set for this blog, but then different type of flu visited one by one and sometimes two at a time, and prevented me from doing many things. One writing, (I can’t blame the whole thing on flu though, but if I felt better … ) the other celebrating Nowruz in time. I can’t believe it is the 9th day of Nowruz and I’m just writing about it. Well Nowruz Mobarak to those who celebrate it and Happy spring to those who don’t, because if you live in Vancouver you deserve a happy spring to start thinking about summer and dryness for a little bit 🙂

This Nowruz was overly challenging and busy for me with the children. Keeping them busy and interested in Nowruz was a journey to tell in other posts.

Until later,


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Be My Valentine

Ok, I was going to write about Valentine craft and all different decoration and gift ideas, but hey, everybody does that.

Is Valentine all about craft or handmade cards or decoration and food? Or all of these come after the initial love and understanding of each other.

I have to express my feeling in daily bases, this was the case since I was a young teenager. I just can’t fall sleep knowing someone I love is upset of me or I’m upset of them. My day begins and ends with me telling I love you and hugging at least one person in my extended family. Well most of the time it’s more than one person and sometimes I have to keep myself from doing that as others had enough of it 🙂 Thank God, I am blessed with this. Although I can’t say it works to my benefit most of the time, as others get used to the idea and expect it anyways, even if they don’t deserve it sometimes!

Back to Valentine subject! Continue reading

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