Don’t buy plastic in any form

Have you heard of the “Great Pacific garbage patch“? I didn’t either until last week when I was browsing for facts about recycling plastics. By the way, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, only 9.8% of all plastic bags, snacks and wraps were recycled in 2008, which is only 390,000 of the 3,570,000 tons produced in the year 🙁 That’s sad!

The rest will evidently join the other garbage in the Great Pacific garbage patch! This is actually two large masses of accumulating trash  known as Western and Eastern Pacific Garbage Patches. The Eastern patch floats between Hawaii and California, the Western patch forms east of Japan and west of Hawaii.

Plastic waste ends up in this currents of ocean, they break into tiny polymers. Guess what? Small fish feed on them thinking it’s food. Wild life in the near by islands are also in danger; birds and fish die everyday due to consuming garbage.  The ones that survive are food for bigger fish like Tuna and Salmon that we eat. So, plastic for dinner anyone??? Continue reading

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Roast beef green salad recipe

I love making salads, when making salads I get creative and mix different flavors to get what I have in mind.

Tonight I made this roast beef green salad, which was delicious if I may say so myself. Even hubby said  I could be a chef !!! But I think he was too hungry 🙂

Here are the ingredients. Sorry no measurements, tonight I just enjoyed myself having fun with different ingredients.

Lettuce, tomato, green pepper,  grilled zucchini, grilled red onion, carrot, cauliflower, lemon and orange peel and juice, olive oil, dried mint and oregano, salt and pepper, and of course roast beef.

Get creative and share it here with us.

Until later,

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My kindergarten son growing up!!

“Mom take a picture for your blog. Put in there so everyone can see I helped”

This was my son a few weeks ago after helping me fold all of my cleaning towels.

He is so changed, I can’t believe he is the same boy I had six month ago. Kindergarten was good for him.

I remember they used to fold their cleaning towels at the preschool but whatever I did I couldn’t get him to do the same at home. Now he helps and is proud of it,’ he should be’. But it’s not only that. The other day he was teaching his sister how to put a book back in it’s place without dropping the others, and many more incidents like that. He is still active, loud, curious and …, but these little changes shows that he is growing up and soon wouldn’t be my little boy anymore. I feel sad and happy at the same time, it’s confusing feeling!!!

So to make him happy and show I appreciate his help, here is the picture and his story. I hope to have more stories of this kind.

Until Later,

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4th Birthday party

My little princess is turning 4 next week. She is so excited you can see it in her eyes. Tonight when she talked to my mom over the phone, she announced with pride that it’s her birthday and she is going to have a party at home.

She is more excited and involved this year, I’m not sure if it’s because she is older or the fact that we are doing things differently this year. You see, every year we would rent one of the birthday party venues that kids can run around and play; invite, if you ask me, too many kids. She didn’t have to pick, everyone she knew was there.

This year though we decided to have a very small birthday at home, with only 4 of her friends. So she had to pick the friend’s she really wanted at her party. Then she got excited and started giving me idea’s of how she wants her birthday to be.

So far we are having a princess birthday party, with everything PINK. I’m planning to have a princess cupcake tire and cut out tiara’s for them to decorate and music for them to dance to.  (I had ladybug in mind but it’s her birthday not mine!!)

I hope that everything ends up they way she wants. I will post some birthday pictures later.

Until later

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Do I have a New Year resolution???

Happy New Year and a wish for a wonderful year to all.

Do you know what I noticed this past week? Everywhere you go, all the stores have their workout gears out to sell. What’s up with that????

They are taking advantage of people who feel guilty of over eating in holidays and sell them stuff they really don’t need. And this is only because most people have a lose weight resolution.  Why is it that half of the New Year resolutions are about losing weight??

I’m thinking do I have a new year resolution? No I don’t think so. What I have is a new resolution for each day. I started this year planning my days the night before and it’s working for me. So I pick something that I want to work on and try it that day. No pressure there, it’s only one day, doable and measurable. This way I know I did something good for me, and feel good about it. Last years by the end of the year I even couldn’t remember what was my resolution let alone see the result.

It is guilt free for sure. I’m only promising myself to do something for the day and that’s it. Then if I like it I continue it on daily basis. Let’s face it how many time we started the year with a resolution only to fail it later in the year and feel guilty about it???

So my new year resolution is to have a new resolution for each day if possible.

Until later,

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