Have you heard of the “Great Pacific garbage patch“? I didn’t either until last week when I was browsing for facts about recycling plastics. By the way, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, only 9.8% of all plastic bags, snacks and wraps were recycled in 2008, which is only 390,000 of the 3,570,000 tons produced in the year 🙁 That’s sad!

The rest will evidently join the other garbage in the Great Pacific garbage patch! This is actually two large masses of accumulating trash

Do I have a New Year resolution???

Happy New Year and a wish for a wonderful year to all.

Do you know what I noticed this past week? Everywhere you go, all the stores have their workout gears out to sell. What’s up with that????

They are taking advantage of people who feel guilty of over eating in holidays and sell them stuff they really don’t need. And this is only because most people have a lose weight resolution.