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Welcome to the Busy Moms Blog. I’m Ana Lea and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here I will be documenting everything about my parenting journey and offering advice to help you navigate through your busy mom life.

Cool Updates:

I did a boudoir photo shoot for my husband with local boudoir photographer Sin City Boudoir! My husband and I both turned 45 this year and I gave the photos to him for his birthday. He loved them. Check out the article here.

Ana Lea, blog writer.
Ana Lea

Blog Writer

Ana, the Busy Mom

This is the reason why. It’s what inspires me. The moment I rediscovered myself after a long period of silence.

I felt completely lost. Lost in the demands of parenting, lost in running my business. Lost in every aspect of my daily life that requires my attention and presence. But being here, surrounded by this beautiful scenery, breathing in the fresh air, catching the scent of the ocean and listening to birds singing, it brought me back to who I truly am. There’s so much more inside me that needs to be expressed beyond what I can achieve through my business alone. And I can’t keep these thoughts and beliefs to myself because deep down, I genuinely believe they have the power to transform how we perceive and engage with the world around us.

So here I am reinventing this old blog of mine—one that has patiently waited for life’s busyness to subside before being revived again—but now realizing that delaying any longer would simply waste precious time. It’s time for me to be true to myself and openly share my thoughts and beliefs; who knows? Perhaps they might prove valuable or enlightening for someone out there too.
Perhaps in the future, even my own children or grandchildren will come across these words and gain a more profound understanding of who I truly am.

Instead of following the traditional blog structure that lists posts chronologically like an endless stream, I’ve decided to adopt a more contemporary article style format for my new content. This approach aligns better with current blogging trends while still providing me with ample space for self expression.

I have already removed several pieces from the past that no longer resonate or fit well within today’s blogging landscape.

Laugh. Love. Live.