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Tantrum in 3year old toddlers

631708_all_smiles.jpgI guess my son is dealing with a lot lately. He is angry and very opinionated lately. It's not bad to be opinionated but he expresses himself in a very angry way. He also talks about punishing others for things they have done or haven't done.

A few days ago, my mom was babysitting here in our home when I was studying downstairs. He was so difficult and unmanageable that my mom called me and left. She didn't want him to get used to be rude to her so she left. He was sorry after wards, called, and apologized. I think this is some way of tantrum; he has no control over himself when he gets to this stage.

Yesterday my mom was supposed to baby-sit for me again, in her home though. From the time I started getting them ready to leave. He started bothering his sister bad mouthing and even shouting at me.

I thought to myself there should be a way to handle this other than just advising and time out. I remembered their preschool teacher said when they do something unacceptable in the class that child will be teachers helper and somehow glued to the teacher, when he is relaxed the teacher explains what went wrong.

So I tried to keep my cool, just ignored him for the time being got my daughter ready for the car. He kind of panicked that I might forget to take him. I explained no he will come with me but he won

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