Thanksgiving and fall toddler’s craft and activity

Bird on a tree limb.

All my Thanksgiving preparation, including cleaning and decoration is during the day when my kids are around. They should be busy doing something when I am busy cooking. So here is a fun thing a kid can do while you cook.

Here’s what you’ll need for this activity; red, yellow orange and brown craft paint, paintbrushes, baby wipes, red and orange craft paper, googly eyes, craft paper, scissors and glue. To start off, gently apply yellow paint on the child’s hand and press it firmly onto the paper. To keep their fingers steady during this step, you might find it helpful to place your hand on top of theirs. Repeat this process with orange and red paint to create the turkey’s feathers. If you prefer or find it easier, you can also make three separate prints instead of layering them. Allow the handprints to dry.

Next comes coating the child’s foot with brown paint and their toes with orange paint. Press their foot firmly onto the paper while ensuring they remain still by placing your hand on top of their feet if needed. Give some time for the footprint to dry.

Once both the handprints and footprint are dry, carefully cut around them using scissors.
For extra details in creating a turkey face, cut out a teardrop shape from red craft paper to serve as its waddle, and a triangle shape from yellow craft paper for its beak.
To finish our turkey friend’s face, ask your child to use glue to attach these items, along with a googly eye, onto one side of their footprint.

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