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Thanksgiving party planning with ease


Thanksgiving dinner or lunch parties could be crowded and stressful for the host.
Here are a few ways to throw a nice party and enjoy it too.

The key is to prepare, prepare, and prepare ahead.

Here are some tips:

*Decide wisely on your menu well ahead

-Choose recipes that you can make ahead fully or partially
-Choose recipes that complement each other
-You will save some money if you have different foods that use at least one similar ingredient or different part of the same vegetable.

*Study your recipes very well

-Note down all the ingredients even the ones you have in your pantry
-From the list of all ingredients mark the ones you already have
-Create a shopping list
-Note down if you need a food procedure or a mixer or any other small appliances.

*Shop earlier in the week

*If you have to order something make sure to do that well ahead

*Give yourself enough time to organize the ingredients and recipes

*Decide on the serving dishes before hand

-If you have space to take them out is perfect
-Or just write the type of serving dish in front of the related food
-This will save you from guessing game at the time of serving

*Declutter the kitchen from all unnecessary gadgets and small appliances

*You can make some desserts as far as two days ahead

*You can make your salad earlier in the day with the sauce

-The key is to have your sauce at the bottom of the dish and them have leaves and other items on it. Cover it with plastic wrap and in the fridge.
-Leave the items that get brown, like avocado, for the last minute add on.
-Mix the salad and sauce just before serving

*Measure up the ingredients you need to finish a dish beforehand and have it wait for you when you need it. For example for your gravy.

*Clear your kitchen before your guests arrive

-Empty the dishwasher, ready to load when needed

*Give yourself enough time to get ready and relax a bit

*Enjoy your party, and go with the flow.

At the end some things may not be perfect or go right, but what everyone remembers is if they had a good time. Thanksgiving is about getting together and be thankful of having friends and family around the rest is a bonus.

Have a happy Thanksgiving

Until later.

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