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A cool Valentine day craft easy for my preschooler


I always like to decorate my house for every season and every occasion. Specially in winter, it makes cold and foggy winters bearable!!

This year we made Heart Ribbons to decorate bedroom doors and walls.

You need:
Plain long construction paper
Paint, brush, glue, or any of your desired craft item

Step 1.
Accordion fold paper in 20cm sections (or as big you want your hearts)


Step 2:
Fold in half and find the middle. Then draw a heart with hands to the edge of the paper


Step 3:
Cut the heart be careful not to cut the folded edge of paper


Step 4:
Color; decorate. Be creative.


As my paper was long, I accordion fold the paper length wise. I got three heart ribbons which was good. This turned out to be a long and at the end a family project. My daughter got one ribbon to decorate which was torn a part heart by heart. She had lots of fun doing that. And the other two happened to be a family fun project. Daddy came home and he started painting and stamping with us. Son was so impressed that daddy too, could paint and be silly and make messes with paint.


The ribbons turned out as we expected, fun and colorful and every time we look at them we remember the good time we had together making them.

Crafts can be funny and imperfect but the time you had making them is worthless.

Be creative and have fun.

Until later,

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