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I had a date with my husband !!!

It's a good thing to get out and have a date with your spouse. My husband and I don't get out as often. I can't say it's because of the children but have to say we have more fun being with our kids.

Anyway, we had a post Valentine dinner tonight. My brother was available to babysit for us tonight. We talked mainly about our kids but it was nice to be out in nice clothes and eat a pleasantly warm meal !! 🙂 It's funny how something small, like a warm meal looks like something to dream about for a mom to toddlers.

I feel refreshed and have to say still a little buzzed, but in total I feel like we reconnected. Somehow, always in our evenings out we get back to the base. To the date where we met and how we felt and it's wonderful to remind ourselves of those feelings. It kind of makes the daily struggles with kids, work and house work more bearable. I'm planning to start dating my husband at least once every couple of weeks for coffee. I think coffee date would be a reasonable amount of time for a family member to babysit for us.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine, and most of all had fun and reconnected with your loved one.

Until later,

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