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I’m sick and tired of chicken soup

Last year we had the nastiest flues at a very bad time. I had to cancel my daughter's birth day party and my son's, which are three months apart. Around the same time of their birth days we had flue (I mean all of us at the same time). It took us between one week to ten days to recover.

I guess the flu season was late this year. I was so happy that we passed the winter without a single flue. I was so scared that we end up having flue like last year, that for the whole winter I was very careful the kids get their daily multivitamin and I had extra dosage of vitamin C. Well I thought that worked and we passed the flu season safely. I guess I was wrong. Here in Vancouver most households with small children are sick. The worst part of it is that unlike last year we didn't get the bug all at once to recover around the same time. It's been a viscous circle since mid march. One would get sick and then get better obviously passing to the next person and on... by the time the last one is better the first one is sick again. Right now it looks like I'm the last person, I have another ear infection taking antibiotic just within two weeks of finishing my last prescription.

I was cleaning all surfaces yesterday with a spray of water, white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. In hope of making the house bug free. I have never been into chemical products but I'm thinking of getting one of those Clorox wipes and start over again, when I'm a little stronger.

We have been having chicken soup every other day for the past month.

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