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Tackle chores and projects Tuesday

Well I chose Tuesdays to post the project I finished just because I have the Weekend and Monday morning free of children for few hours just to tackle some of those projects that I left to do later.

This week was organizing my medicine cabinet (I call it my pharmacy). Here is the before picture.


Yah, that messy!!! I'm not messy in heart but somehow I always have more important things to do. Well last week I decided I want to organize this chaos and on one of the days I had the kids in Summer Camp, went shopping and bought few stackable clear containers which was actually designed for CD. It worked perfectly; here is the after picture, my pride.


I've to say I'm quite proud of myself and I managed to keep it the same so far. I'm good in organizing momentarily but keeping it tidy is a challenge which I'm working on. Surprisingly it didn't take that much of a time either. I thought I had to spend so many hours on this but after the initial buy of the containers, it took me half an hour to go through all the medicine and throw away expired vitamins and organize everything buy category. Now when I need bandage for kids or a pill for my headache I don't have to go through the things I don't need I just pick up the proper box. It saves me a lot of time and a lot of nagging if my husband has to get something from there.

I credit the whole idea to the fact that now I have 1.5 hours three days a week to thin and plan in peace. There are no one to interrupt a thought, or an act, or what ever I was doing. The fact that I bought the containers was that I wasn't running to get out of the store I was actually walking on the aisle and looking at the displays.

6 thoughts on “Tackle chores and projects Tuesday

  1. Lynne

    Nice job! I did the same thing recently using a few different containers I had laying around the house. It's so nice to get things organized!

  2. Anna

    I know! It feels great when it's done. I wish I had more creativity in getting organized.

  3. Badet

    Great job! I have the same trait too, I find it hard to keep things organized. Sometimes, when I'm done tidying up something, I don't want to touch it again so as not to ruin the organization.

  4. Anna

    Thank you, one of my problems is that when I have an organized shelf it looks welcoming to the things I take from kids and want to put somewhere out of reach. You can imagine how soon I have the place same as before. But so far so good.

  5. Tiff

    I have to admit, I'm an organized FREAK. I've spent my summer organizing every closet, nook and cranny of my home.

    My downfall.... is socks. I do not have the patience to match them, nor can I take responsibility for finding "the other sock". To date, we've had a laundry basket where I throw all of the socks... we lovingly refer to it as the "sock basket".

    At the beginning of the summer, I pulled the basket into the living room - and offered to pay my kids .10 cents for each match they made.

    GREAT IDEA!!!! (granted my kids are older than yours... lol) They made all of the matches that they could (and a few extra bucks to spend at the snack bar of the pool) - and I threw away all remaining socks when they were finished.

    Though.... I have to say.... this was a few months back - and the sock basket needs a little attention before school starts again..... UGHHHHH.....

  6. Anna

    Ahh downfalls, I've got few of those. Only if my children could help me with them. I wish them to grow faster, I wish, I wish ... 🙂

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