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Making a wizard hat for my little magician


My son goes to Abracadabra summer camp this week and today being the last day, they have dress up. We already had magic cape (he is obsessed with magicians), I made a cape out of a throw fabric for baby to lie on and play. The fabric is very color full, has sun and moon, and stars on it.

So thinking of surprising him with a wizard hat (wishful thinking!!!), I bought a plane black thick paper and a pink one for a fairy hat for my daughter. Yesterday we started making the wizard hats together! I did most of it and at the same time tried to save my tape and stickers from them

So, it goes something like this if I remember correctly. I cut a triangle as best as I could with two little ones hanging around!! Then I made a cone out of it leaving enough space to glue the pieces and wide enough to fit their heads (again as best as I could)


I only have the picture on cut paper and then the finished one. Why? Because they didn

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I'm 36 years old, proud mother of two toddlers. Son born in 2005 and daughter born 22 months later in 2007. I'm a Homemaker/Travel agent. Like cooking, sewing, painting and love kids.

2 thoughts on “Making a wizard hat for my little magician

  1. TooManyHats

    What a fun project, well I guess it was harder than it looked. I hope he was finally happy with his wizard hat and his last day of camp went well.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Anna

    It was hard, but worth the look on his face on the last day of camp. He was having a blast running around the class with his hat and cape on, with his wand. He was running after his friend and shouting " abracadabra I'm disappearing Myles!!"
    Thank you for your comment I enjoy visiting your blog.

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