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Tips to keep the kitchen tidy and organized

I love to have company, but then before they arrive I

5 thoughts on “Tips to keep the kitchen tidy and organized

  1. Buggys

    Good advice. I have always found that if I just keep up on the mess while I am cooking and get cleaned up as soon as we finish a meal then I'm not always fretting about a dirty kitchen.

  2. Single mom of 3

    I am a business woman - have my own business. I have struggled over the years with organization issues. I'm fine at work, but time doesn't permit me to be the same at home. A friend told me to check out and it saved my world. It helps with housework, decluttering, meal planning, family time, and even time for just me!

  3. Anna

    Thank you I will check it out. I'm always on the look to make things more organized and easier to do.

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