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How to pick a school for my son? (Please help)


This is going to be a very busy September and October. My son goes to kinder garden next year and I have to register him in school by November.

In our school system, we have catchment school but if you don

2 thoughts on “How to pick a school for my son? (Please help)

  1. Cassie

    When I went to school, I was sad that my mother never put me in the IB program. I'm not sure if it's the same thing or not, but all the "smart" kids were in the IB program. The kids that weren't so smart but still in the IB program were miserable. French immersion was also a program I wish I was put in, but a good friend of mine who was in french immersion since he was 5 had a horrible time in English class (go figure). I think some kids are too young for their parents to decide which program to put them in. It might be a decision that needs to be made later.

  2. Anna

    Thank you Cassie. I agree I can't really decide if IB program is for my child or not. So far he has been in Montessori preschool he is fine there and follows the rules even picked a few that follows at home too, but from this I can't really see his ability for IB or French or anything for that matter. All I know now is that I have a very imaginative son that sometimes I can't really say if he is telling me the truth or a story of his imagination. For now I think I go with what I think is best for me and know how to do, then if it didn't work for him I will change his school.

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