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July passed by me like a flash !

I can't believe it's the end of July. I've been busy doing so many things at once, didn't realize that I didn't write a single article the whole month. I thought, oh well it was just last week that I published an article. Well Hello I'm awake now 🙂

I can say the month of July was the month of self improvement and new experiences for me. As I mentioned before I'm starting a new business The website is up and running and now I'm working on the content.

In my journey of deciding on the new job and preparing for it. I figured my life would be more efficient and a lot easier if I was a little more organized. I started reading and listening to every organization material I could find. I also decided to work on my time management. I also read a lot about saving money and how there is a wrong saying that you have to spend money on your business to gain money. The truth is that you have to spend reasonable amount of money on your business, but you have to be careful not to over due it. Otherwise you will spend all without noticing.
Having these key elements in my mind I naturally applied them to my daily life.

Here is a picture of a my organized drawer with my home made drawer divider. I will post the instruction and more pictures later. I could by the dividers, two for $20, but I thought why spend when I can do that myself.

Here is the two bedside tables I painted for my kids out of our old dark brown and worn out side table.

My husband was about to dump them, when I thought the kids need a side table and here are two why not. I asked him to take of the doors and secure all the loose screws . Then I painted them with spray paint by Krylon spray paint. The decorations are with the 3D paint I bought at Wal-Mart.

Until later,

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