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2 thoughts on “Start school year with boosting your kids immune system

  1. A Mother's Thoughts

    Oh, I hear you!! School what a germ infested place....dirty little children. lol We are a big orange/orange juice drinkers here. Hand washing is crutial too!! How much are those products?


  2. Anahita

    Thank you for sharing. Yes washing hands is crucial. You can get Frequensea in different packages. You can get only one bottle for $39 to try it out, or get a package of 4 bottles for $134. A bottle will last a week for a family of four that is if you are taking one shot each everyday.
    Since using it I see a big difference in me, I have more leveled energy, where as before I would get tired a lot. In my children I see they can concentrate better and follow a game longer than before.
    I just received their kid's wellness oil, which is a concentrated oil of a few plants that can build our immune system and is gentle for children. Can't wait to use it, it is a feet rub every night. I will blog about it as soon as I see a difference.

    To health!

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