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Is this an adopted New Year’s Resolution?

I was standing in the lineup for the cashier and as usual was checking out the magazines. 8 out of 10 magazine had something in the cover about losing weight and having this or that body, or better, a flat tummy in so many days.

It hit me, this is the New Year resolution of many. So is it their resolution or is this something they think they want to do because it's everywhere!!!

I don't

1 thought on “Is this an adopted New Year’s Resolution?

  1. Priscilla

    I think controlling your weight with goals like new years resolutions is a good thing for health and vitality reasons.
    It's the way you go about achieving your goals that is important.
    I've now made visual control charts in my office for weight loss and exercise.
    I've stuck a mirror on my fridge door so I can see how overweight I am and I've stuck photo's of thin girls on there too.
    I've gotten my girlfriends joining me on walks for moral support and I always try to improve my previous walking time so that I feel I am achieving fitness.
    With regards to achieving my financial resolutions:
    - I've not renewed my cell phone contracts for the family as they were to expensive.
    - I've not put the whole family on a Tracfone prepaid family value plan that only costs $27.96/month for the whole family. I get 50 minutes for $9.99 and the rest of the family gets 20 minutes for $5.99/ea.
    - With the savings I make from being on a Tracfone plan I'll put on my car debt.

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