Simple Valentine card craft for school age as well as toddlers

Valentine card craft.

This is a very simple card that can easily made in numbers if you give out Valentine cards at school.

You need:

Card craft for valentine's day.

Card stock in pink and red

3D tape


Glue stick

Patterned pink paper

Crafting for valentine's day.

1-Fold the pink card stock to shape like a post card

2- Use the red card stock to cut out hearts just big enough to cover the middle of your pink card

3- Tape a few 3D tapes at the back of the heart

Glue on the heart to your craft card.

4- Tape the hear in the middle of the pink post card

Finished product card craft.

5- I like to cover my fold line on the heart with small cutout hearts. You can do the same or leave it as is.

6- A nice message of Happy Valentine or Be my Valentine will be a nice touch in card.

Happy Valentines day

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