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I know a lot of moms who want to lose some weight.

You will love this, I've done it and it really works. I'm against any kind of diet. In some point, I decided that I want to lose the extra weight of three pregnancies. The first thing is to find your ideal-realistic weight, so I saw my family Dr. and consulted her on my ideal goal. I had to lose 10 pounds and keep it that way.

I started very slow and every day tried to be on top of my choice of food. I ate everything even I had chocolate, but the way I did it was the key to success. I just had couple of bites less than my usual portion on each meal, or tried to have rich salads for my lunch. If I liked to have a chocolate or chips or any snacks of that kind, I would check the calorie of it and had half or a small piece of that snack. The important thing is that I enjoyed eating all the time and consciously made myself not to feel guilty of having something nutty.

The second step was to burn some calories. I'm not a gym person and frankly, with two kids under three years, I don't have the time. So I started walking, just walking for about 2 hours once or twice a week. I would put my kids in their double stroller and just walked in the neighborhood.

I had wonderful result; it's been 6 months since I started. I've lost 8 pound in the first 2 months, then I took it a little lighter but I'm still losing weight, lost another 4 pounds since then.

I hope this help all other busy moms who want to have it all, enjoy their kids and lose that extra weight.

I think there is no specific ways, not necessarily right or wrong, hard or easy, but you have to be on your toes and change your strategies all the times.

In my experience, kids need structure and routine. For disciplining though, I think sometimes they need to know the consequences of their actions and sometimes they just need to be distracted to something else. If you keep bugging them on a specific thing, without knowing it you just make them more attracted to that thing.

I once read that parents should be in alliance with their children and help them get out of trouble not waiting for them to do something wrong to punish them and get them in trouble. If the children know and understand that their parents want them out of trouble and will help them to do that, everything works out better when they grew up.
They will know that their parents are on their side, so they will tell them their stories and ask them for help when needed.

I have a two and half year old son, I used to be hard on him, would get in to argues with him and give him time out several times a day. I noticed that his behaviour is getting worst and he just does things in spite of me. I was doing some research to find a way to solve this problem when I find this phrase