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Fundraising for Busy Moms! has teamed up with to help you reach your fundraising goals! Together, we're able to offer you unbelievable value.
We know that moms with kids in school, sports teams and other groups are often asked to participate in fundraisers or come up with ideas to raise funds - we're here to help! The team has assisted over 27,000 groups raise a combined $57 million to date. Our customers' needs vary from a soccer team needing $1,000 to attend an out-of-state tournament, to an elementary school needing to raise $25,000 for a new playground. We even help individual students raise $2,000 or more for their dream school trip to Europe.

Order your FREE sample kit by clicking here or call us at 1-888-440-4114 to speak with one of our fundraising assistants. You'll find out that we're fanatical about fundraising!


  • Quick and Easy: We know you have little time to spare, our fundraisers are quick to setup and easy to use!
  • Highest Profit Guaranteed: Our goal is to put as much profit as possible into your pockets, not ours. If you find a lower price, we'll match or beat it!
  • Quality Products: Our product lines go through meticulous screening to ensure your supporters get superior value, and are left with a smile.
  • Experienced Fundraising Consultants: Your personal fundraising assistant will help you decide on the best product for your group, and support you throughout your fundraiser.
  • FREE Beautiful Sales Material: Our 4-color order-taker brochures are designed to make the products sell themselves.
  • It's FREE to Get Started! Most of our programs require no up-front payment. Fundraise now, pay later!

A Few Of Our Most Popular Fundraisers!