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Lately because of the heat, I can't get the kids to sit at the table and eat their lunches properly. They run around in their under wears - which I hate - and I'm lucky if they have a bite. Yesterday I experimented something that worked. I know just because it was new, I don't think they will fall for it for long.

So as usual, they were running around when I asked my son if he wants to be the chef today and cook us some omelette. He screamed yes from top of his lungs, with a look in his eyes that said: what's happening to my mom, is she sane?

Well I asked him to first put some clothes on (in my favor 🙂 ) and wash his hands and then I helped him with the apron. Which he loved, he thought he was so special and grown up with that little apron!!

It was a simple sausage and tomato Omelette. I had cut up all the ingredients and whisked the eggs. Everything was ready to go in the pan. I explained to him about the heat and that he could burn himself. The only thing he had to do is to stir the sausage and tomato. I added salt and pepper and then WE added the egg. The hard part was to keep him from stirring for a minute for the eggs to cook.

It was fun and he learned a lot about kitchen and the heat of the stove. He was very careful and of course I was there watching him like a Houck to make sure he is safe.

Unfortunately, I don't have an after picture. At the end my daughter came and wanted to help too. Then they couldn't wait to eat the omlet, there was no time for picture, I had hungry little excited toddlers to feed. They had their lunch AT the table, without the fuss that we are dealing with lately.

Until later,